Villarboito SPA
We manufacture lattice structure elements used as technical system components in transmission lines for medium and high voltage cables. We are certified suppliers to: ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE, TERNA, IRTE, VODAFONE/OMNITEL.

These products are manufactured with the latest machinery and finishing processes, guaranting structural integrity due to wind, earthquakes, cable tension, partial or all round instability with respect to the exacting loads and calculated using the most modern engineering principles and calculation techniques.

The materials used are certified, suitable for galvanising and their loadings, resilience and strain values are in respect to European laws and regularly tested in our materials testing laboratory.

"Structures built with functionality together geometric features help to optimise project development as well making installation faster and sager."

Thanks to our organization, experience, dynamism and advanced technology Villarboito occupies a prominent position in this sector of structural metal work.

Here with, we have presented our installation in their original positions in order to permit better appreciation of their qualities and functionally