Villarboito SPA
Villarboito has operated in metal structural field for many years. The dynamic attitude of our company is based on technological innovation in design and manufacturing processes by using advanced machinery and other equipment. A company wide quality control system during the manufacturing process and a state of the art production facility.

Villarboito designs and manufactures a wide range of products being able to meet the needs of Italian and foreign customers. These include steel lattice structures for low, medium and high voltage electrical lines; self-supporting antenna towers; railway electrification structures and other steel structures to specified designs.

With long manufacturing experience and high technical expertise developed over years of work, we ensure complete customer satisfaction, even for the most complicated projects. The rationalization of the manufacturing process and the use of the best computer controlled machines available, make us one of the market leaders in this sector of the industry.

Thanks to its advanced technical department with highly qualified technical staff who are capable of developing sophisticated technical solutions, Villarboito has the capability to offer a wide range of solutions.

Factory address:
Corso Trieste 102 - 28100 NOVARA
Tel. 0321-691201/2/3 - Fax 0321-691483

Legal address:
Corso Trieste 102 - 28100 NOVARA
Tel. 0321-691201/2/3 - Fax 0321-691483

VILLARBOITO SPA Trieste 102 - 28100 NOVARA
P.IVA e CF 02117430021
REA n. 204857 C.C.I.A.A. di Novara
Capitale Sociale 350.000,00 interamente versato