Villarboito SPA
Being a leader in the sector of metal structural work means planning and building using state of the art technologies and first class quality.

At Villarboito we have a wide range of products such as high tension pylons, antenna-supporting structures, and other installations used in the metallurgical and mechanical sector, able to satisfy the most diverse needs of our customers in Italy and abroad.
Our long experience and technical espertise developed over years of work, higly praised even in the most complicated situations and our ability to satisfy the needs of the market as well as the rationalization of our manufacturing processes thanks to the use of up-to-date machines have enabled us to achieve ever greater success in all the branches of industry while making advanced first-grade products.
The wide range of products at Villarboito is the fruit of long study by our experienced engineering department and allows us to offer technologically winning solutions in every field.
Pylon building units designed to be components of technological systems for the conveyance of energy by medium and high tension cables.
VILLARBOITO SPA Trieste 102 - 28100 NOVARA
P.IVA e CF 02117430021
REA n. 204857 C.C.I.A.A. di Novara
Capitale Sociale 350.000,00 interamente versato